CVS Pharmacy Silverdale (360) 536-6010

Silverdale Community Pharmacy

Pharmacy is Closed

Dear Friends, 

We are very sorry to have to write this, but we have made the decision to close our pharmacy.  We have merged with CVS Pharmacy and Tim will join the pharmacy team there.  It is located inside Target here in Silverdale just a few blocks down the way from our pharmacy.  

Making this decision was difficult for us because we have enjoyed getting to know all of you.  You have all been so wonderful and kind to us.  We hope that we have made your trips to our pharmacy enjoyable as well.  

Tim would love to continue being your pharmacist, so we hope you will follow him to CVS and he will always take good care of you.  For our delivery customers, rest assured that you will still be able to get your medications delivered free of charge.  They will be sent out and delivered through USPS, rather than a delivery driver.  For those of you that receive your medications through our Blister packaging, CVS does offer this, although it is packaged a little different.

All of our files have been sent to CVS and Tim will continue to help you over there.  The address is:

CVS Pharmacy (inside the Target store)

3201 NW Randall Way

Silverdale, WA 98383

The phone lines have all been forwarded to CVS so that you can easily get a refill or have any questions answered.  Their direct number for future reference is (360) 536-6010.

Tim is really excited to start a new chapter in his career with CVS.  As a side note, since we still have time left on our lease, we will be opening a small retail game/card store here in this space, which our son will be running mostly, but we will be helping out as well.  Stay tuned for that starting in October and come say “hello”. 

Thanks again for your support of our family pharmacy and we hope that you will continue allowing Tim to take care of all your pharmacy, health and wellness needs.   


Tim & Monica Luk